My First Tour

Over the past 2 weekends my good friends in Dream State took me out on my first ever tour, and in the process I travelled nearly 1500 miles with them and shot 5 shows.

As much as I love shooting music, the enjoyment I’ve been getting from shooting 3 songs as press has been slowly decreasing as of late. I was fed up with going home with the same photos as other people, and wanted to get out and create something unique, and to push myself/experiment a little in the process - and going on tour gave me the chance to do this! 

Each show from the tour provided a different challenge, whether it be the lighting, or the space I had to work in, so my work ended up being a bit more varied in terms of style than I had anticipated - but overall, I’m proud of the body of work I ended up producing.

Below is my tour video (my first real attempt at live music videography), and some of my favourite photos from the tour.

Hopefully it's the first tour of many!